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Most sources indicate there are 26 bones in each foot. That number actually isn’t correct. Two bones always go un-accounted for. These bones are called SESAMOIDS, and two of them reside under the big toe joint.

If you’ve had or have pain under the big toe joint you could’ve had or have a problem with one of the sesamoids. These bones are two of the smallest in the foot but a condition of them can hurt as much as any other bone.

Inflammation of one of the sesamoids goes by the medical term of SESAMOIDITIS. This condition occurs from repetitively putting too much pressure on the big toe joint. Sesamoiditis can also occur from coming down hard on the ball the foot.

People with high arches put more pressure on the balls of the feet than those with normal or low arches. A fracture of one of the sesamoid bones is another common problem we see under the big toe joint. This can be a very difficult condition to heal.

Because of how difficult it can be to heal a sesamoid problem, it’s mission critical to have any pain on the ball the foot diagnosed as early as possible.
Surgery has been an unfortunate result in situations where a sesamoid problem was left untreated for too long.

If you have mild pain on the ball of your foot be sure to wear shoes with a good amount of cushion and add an over-the-counter cushioned insert.

It would also be wise to avoid running and jumping until the pain subsides.
They may be small and ignored but sesamoids can wreak havoc on the foot. You now know that you have four more bones in your body than you thought.

If you are posed with a trivia question about how many bones there are in the foot the answer they are looking for is 26, but you can wink at your friends and whisper to them “the real number is 28.”

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Dr. Adam Klein